NFON Customer Case Study

Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason are one of the leading Telecommunication Consultancy’s in the world.

They have offices in over 11 countries all over the world and are relied upon by Governments and Large Enterprises to provide advice and research in the telecommunications sector.

When David Creighton, Analysys Mason’s CIO was looking for a new IP Telephony solution to drive a more seamless communications experience for the growing Analysys Mason team, he evaluated a range of different options but chose NFON to deliver the solution and platform that his growing business needed.

Watch the video below to find out more about why David chose NFON as his partner for Cloud Telephony

Hear what David has to say about NFON

David’s reasons for choosing NFON

  • NFON ticked all of the boxes for us and gave us the flexibility, functionality and cost effectiveness to deploy a new phone system to over 170 users in 5 offices across Europe and we are really pleased with the implementation. The whole process has been slick and smooth
  • What I like about NFON is that they do what they say they will. They have allowed us to manage our network effectively and through their simple administration tools, they have allowed us to manage our network and save costs
  • We are due to install NFON phones into our office in Milan in the next few weeks and being able to standardize on one phone platform across all of our locations makes things easier for my team and our staff. They can travel within our company network and be able to use the NFON system regardless of where they are. Operating in this way allows us to be very efficient and make a number of savings efficiencies within our business
  • Our previous legacy system was rigid and tied us into long term costs. We have complete flexibility with the NFON platform to change and grow as our business changes and grows

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