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Skype for Business with NFON


Simple. Flexible. Powerful. Reliable.
Welcome to truly unified business communications

Without the integration of a telephone system, Skype for Business can’t deliver a truly unified communications experience. The integration of NFON’s Cloud Telephone System enables you to use Skype for Business as your complete communications platform. Now you can combine the functionality provided by an enterprise telephone system with Skype for Business’s core features, such as instant messaging and video – simply and cost-effectively.

For the first time, through a single solution, you can deliver all of the telephony features and the collaboration tools your users need – whatever your business activities, wherever your people are based, and however they work. You can unify and simplify your communications systems while delivering an enhanced experience for your employees and your customers.

  • A better experience for your employees
  • Powerful telephony features to improve productivity and enhance your customers' experience
  • Easy deployment and management
  • The flexibility to meet your varied and changing needs
  • Exceptional levels of resilience and reliability

The business benefits of truly unified communications

From simplicity and flexibility to productivity and enhanced customer experiences, see the advantages of powerfully unified business communications.

The seamless way to stay professional

With seamless integration, your users can now manage all their internal and external communications (including instant messaging, video and virtual meetings) via the Skype for Business interface, on both desktop and mobile.

Mobile integration simplifies your mobile users’ experience, reducing the need to switch between multiple applications to manage communications. So you can be sure they always deliver a professional response to external callers

The flexibility you want, whatever your needs

The individual configurability of the NFON platform is a major advantage. Only your Skype for Business users require the Skype for Business NFON licence; you can assign the service to those users who require Skype for Business features, while others can simply use NFON’s standard telephony licences. this truly hybrid model allows all your users to benefit from NFON’s full range of telephony features and functionality

The NFON system also flexes to your changing needs. You can add or cancel your NFON for Skype for Business licenses on a monthly basis (as with all NFON extensions). So you never pay for anything you don’t need.

Communications designed to improve business performance

NFON and Skype for Business integration means access to a powerful set of features, to enable you to improve productivity and deliver an enhanced experience to your customers.

NFON’s Cloud Telephone System offers over 150 advanced features. NOW, with Skype for Business integration, features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), time controlled call routing, queue management and extension to extension dialling are available via the Skype for Business interface, along with all of NFON’s other telephony features, meaning an easier life for your employees and improved productivity for your business

Easy activation and a simple licensing model

Until now, integrating telephony systems and Skype for Business has taken months to deliver and required an expensive integration project. With NFON, the process is quick, seamless and painless. You can purchase and manager Skype for Business and NFON telephony licenses as a single package and be up and running in just a few days. Because NFON is cloud-based, there is no need to install and maintain expensive server hardware on your premises.

Exceptional operational reliability

NFON’s Cloud Telephone System offers exceptional levels of resilience. The NFON platform is hosted exclusively in high-performance, geo-redundant Tier 4 data centres in Europe – delivering quadruple internet redundancy and backed up by robust SLAs.

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